Why OLO Builders

Why we are Unique

As you work OLO’s franchise system you will not be running the business out of your truck and swinging the hammer to build homes. Instead, you and a small team will learn to be process owners, each with specific roles within a proven system.

OLO’s highly efficient home building system is based on proven manufacturing principles that are designed for you to be profitable as quickly as possible and for the long haul. Baked into the system is a “First Year Blueprint” designed for a franchise owner to project when they can become profitable.

The heart of OLO Builder’s Franchise business is found in our mission: To enrich people’s lives through building brilliant homes.  A construction business that is absent a proven system can quickly embrace a get-all-you-can, churn-and-burn mindset; OLO steers away from this way of doing business. OLO’s franchise system coupled with an “enrich people’s lives” mindset is the formula required for each new franchise owner. 

The following three puzzle pieces are essential to the OLO Way Franchise System™.

Puzzle Piece #1


  • The system requires the formation of a 4-person “Precision Team” structure with specific roles that allow for minimal downside risk and maximum upside EBITDA potential. This system eliminates the need for your small team to become bloated with middle management and bureaucracy.
  • Hundreds of hours of individualized coaching and team training (knowledge transfer) equips team members to quickly and competently be productive. Coaching and training is ongoing for all teams and team members, including business coaching for franchise owners.
  • Team roles are synchronized with tools and measures that instill high ownership for results. Transparency in running your franchise will allow team members to take high ownership for results, and for problem solving. Your team members will be willing to be accountable and their discretionary effort will be manifest in the work they do each day.
  • The system provides leadership tools for establishing clear performance and behavioral standards to galvanize the human element to achieve great results.
house floor plan rendering
house floor plan rendering
house floor plan rendering

Puzzle Piece #2


OLO Builder’s system includes 4 Core Processes that are well defined, and vital to the success of each franchise:

  • Swim Lane Process© helps each member of the 4-person Precision Team to be process owners for their part of each home being built. Team members synchronously and collaboratively work through each part of the home building process – making it a cutting edge effective home building process in the industry.
  • Even Flow Process© helps teams efficiently manage the complexity of the entire portfolio of homes being built at once. The system is set up for you to eventually build multiple homes at once, and the system allows it to be done efficiently and according to proven manufacturing principles – this is where you can see your investment come to life!
  • Team Engagement Process: Your leadership will be “enriched” as you learn how to engage a dynamic team, including structured employee management process; daily and weekly reporting and establish high standards for personal discipline and team execution. A robust Precision Implementation Process ensures compliance to the OLO Way™ and builds confidence that processes are being followed. 
  • Performance Culture Process© : What we know for sure is if you get the culture wrong, nothing else that you do well will matter. How you achieve results is 100% dependent upon: Experiences & Beliefs method; Accountability method; Feedback method; SOSD problem solving method; Client experience method. The OLO Way™ ensures that culture drives operations, not the other way around.

Puzzle Piece #3


  • A Calibration Tool© provides margin and velocity values that franchise owners can use to calibrate performance at any given time. The franchise owner and team members take ownership for these measures and manage to them every week. This tool is the heartbeat of The OLO Way Franchise System™.
  • An exclusive robust marketing and call center service provides qualified appointments, and generates sales quickly when the territory is ready. Many of your future clients will come to you through OLO’s marketing engine. 
  • The Dynamic Plan Library© is a collection of award-winning predesigned home plans that your clients choose from. Clients have up to 1,300 different selections they make to personalize their home. Price estimates are provided instantly in the sales presentation – no more waiting for weeks for prices, bids, engineers, or others. This same software also produces ready-to-build blueprints, and cost details, saving weeks in time
  • Role-specific software allows each team member to do their job with a high level of discipline. Having an effective centralized communication tool that spans across all stakeholders is vital to your success!

OLO Builders’ revolutionary franchise model provides owners with the knowledge transfer, business resources, and tools to efficiently build homes profitably and to be a market leader in their territory.


Being in Construction

OLO Franchisees must be passionate about the work of building exceptional homes, managing teams, and generating delighted clients.

Complexity and Risk

OLO Franchisees run their own complex business, and are ultimately in charge of all aspects of their franchise. With our help, their success and return on investment are proportionate to their hard work, business acumen, and leadership effectiveness.

Highly Selective

Candidates will show evidence of personal financial integrity and stewardship, proven business leadership and business acumen, and values consistent with OLO Builders’ culture.

Interested in OLO Builders?