Why purchase a franchise?

If you are a builder, or desire to be in the building industry, you can grow and leverage a small construction business profitably with less headache, more efficiently, and have a valuable asset to sell when it is time to retire.

What do I get if I purchase a franchise?

The list is long including the resources and tools found in the “Why OLO Builders” section. The knowledge transfer process is personalized, in-depth, and thorough. The goal is to get the new Franchise Owner operational and successful.

Do I need a background in home construction?

It is best, but not required to have some construction experience. Our screening process will provide insight into you and your background. We’ll ensure this is a good fit for us and you.

What experience do I need?

Some construction experience is preferred along with a solid work ethic and strong desire to build your future as a business owner in the construction industry. A good employment track record goes a long way in determining a good fit.

What if I am already in the home construction industry?

Whether you are an owner, a superintendent, or a project manager, you are likely overworked with long, crazy hours, and your take-home pay is rarely what you had hoped for because of so many variables to manage. Managing your exposure and the critical balance between margin and velocity are an ongoing challenge for most builders. At OLO Builders, we have strategy, back office software and systems, and workflow tools that are very affordable. The business model helps you create a scalable business to the point where when you are ready to retire, you can sell your business. 

What is the cost of an OLO Builders franchise?

The investment is $69,000 that includes the training fee. Click here to contact us and discuss more about costs and benefits for getting started.

What can I expect as a return on my investment?

Not every franchise is the same; each has different variables that determine returns. You should be cash positive within a few months, and the potential ROI can be greater than any other franchise or investment.

Is training provided?

Yes, we provide a combination of robust training and one-on-one coaching for the franchise owner and for each member of the 5-person team. As you begin to explore an OLO Builders franchise you will quickly find that OLO’s success is 100 percent dependent on your success. OLO Builders provides all the knowledge transfer and resources a franchise needs to succeed.

Does OLO Builders provide ongoing support?

Yes, for the long haul! Your success is OLO’s success. OLO’s National team provides world-class expertise in technology, proprietary home building processes, and in managing culture so your team can succeed.

How is OLO Builders different from other franchises?

To our knowledge, a new home construction franchise model like ours does not exist in the marketplace. Because the new home construction industry has been building homes the same way for decades, this industry needs another way! OLO Builders brings a level of efficiency to the small builder that can be difficult to create on their own.

What is OLO Builders’ business model and how is it different?

The OLO Way™ business model includes excellence with the 3 P’s: People, Process, and Product. At the heart of it all is the OLOeQ™ which helps franchise owners manage the critical balance between margin and velocity – two vital variables for a successful homebuilder.

Can I choose the market I want to franchise?

Yes, we work with you to create a detailed market analysis so we both can make an informed decision about which state/county would be best to grow your business.

How big of a market does a franchise cover?

It depends, but primarily each franchise is comprised of one or more counties with potential for growth.

Will it just be me building homes?

We help you build a team of 5 team members. Then, OLO National provides training that clearly defines roles and responsibilities so you can leverage your time and energy to running your business. A franchise does not come with departments and layers of complication — it’s just the opposite. A small, efficient team in the right environment and with the right process can do amazing things with the OLO system.

Do I need to be a general contractor?

Yes, most states will require some type of license. Some franchise owners entertain the idea of finding a small builder partner who is in need of scaling and leveraging their current business into something more efficient and profitable.

Can I only build OLO Builders home designs?

Available to all franchisees is a library of award-winning, pre-designed home plans that homebuyers can choose from. All plans have multiple configurations and elevations so they should support your market preferences. Home plans can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your market. You can submit your own plans if you’d like. The key is scalability – custom homes don’t fit into our model. These proven designs are already part of our system and will save you time, money, and energy, and dramatically improve the homebuyer experience.

Is running an OLO Builders franchise a full-time job?

Franchising is not an opportunity for passive financial investment, working from the sidelines, or adding to a portfolio of business ventures. This business opportunity is a hands-on life investment requiring active ownership and leadership as an operator in a highly efficient production home business. It’s hard work, but exceedingly rewarding.

How do I apply?

Click here to complete the application form.

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* This estimate does not include the initial franchise fee investment. Other factors could affect this outcome such as operator’s execution, location, resource availability, etc.